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Manufacturers and importers can make huge profits by selling their products directly to merchants at wholesale prices.
Using the Business-to-Business (B2B) module, merchants create a business bridge with manufacturers and importers that benefits both.
This allows manufacturers and importers to move larger quantities of their products simultaneously, which can help increase their profits. Additionally, these B2B relationships often involve long-term contracts and partnerships between manufacturers or importers and merchants, which can help ensure a steady flow of business for both parties.

Sell Directly To The Merchant Form

What does it mean to sell directly to the merchant?

Ans:When manufacturers and importers sell products directly to merchants, it means they are selling their products in bulk, at wholesale prices, and exclusively to merchants rather than to stores.

Direct sales to merchants can offer several benefits for manufacturers and importers, such as reduced distribution costs, increased control over the supply chain, and better insight into customer demand. For merchants, direct purchasing from manufacturers and importers can lead to lower costs and greater control over product availability.